Project Description

This 120,000 square feet Convention Center is intended to be used primarily for trade shows conventions, and sporting events. Due to budget constraints, the main Program Requirement called for a single story multi use facility with convention and exhibition capabilities within the same building. The solution was to provide an ample, columns free space with the most flexible and versatile layout. The facility includes a 45,000 square feet ballroom that accommodates 3,000 people in banquette style and can be divided in up to 16 rooms, each with independent audiovisual and technical facilities, an outdoor terrace for 300 people, and a dual function pre-convention hall that connects all the areas and makes it ideal for cocktails and exhibitions.

Blending of the exterior landscape with the spaces within is part of this urban development with natural light flowing down from clerestory windows all around, with an interior patio to the north and a terrace to the east providing additional exterior space that overlooks the river running parallel to it.