Project Description

Working in the design of medical and hospital facilities over the years we have learned that good design indulges a sense of pleasantness to promote a tranquil environment that helps patient’s wellness. Color, finishes and good space planning influence in the mood of patients so that they can feel more comfortable and help in their physical and mental health. Some examples of this approach were conceived and is currently in construction in a local hospital:

The Pediatric unit in a hospital facility was remodeled to provide a more positive environment to the hospitalized children. Changing the finishes, color schemes and adding playful images in the hallway and rooms provided a more uplifting feeling to the spaces and changed the perception of being in a hospital ambiance.

The Imaging and Wound Care Centers reception areas are being remodeled to provide a more ample, comfortable space for patients waiting for their exams and treatments. A subtle cohesive color scheme and wall finishes, together with simple and easy to read signage creates a harmonious space.